Isis Pharma Uveblock Spf50+ Invisible Fluid 40 ml

$18.17 $25.95

Isis Pharma Uveblock Spf50+ Invisible Fluid 40 ml

$18.17 $25.95


Isis Pharma Uveblock SPF50+ Invisible Fluid 40 ml

Product Description:

Sunscreen with SPF50 protection for sensitive skin

How to Use:

Before going out in the sun, apply a sufficient amount of the product by gently massaging it onto your face and neck.

Repeat the application after every swimming and sports.

Shake before use.

Product Benefits:

Thanks to the Sunstress protection complex, it helps protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Ectoine contained in it helps protect cells against possible damage from UV rays.

The Sophora Japonica flower extract it contains supports protection against oxidative stress caused by UV and infrared radiation.

It has a fluid and oil-free structure.

Does not contain perfume.

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