Golden Rose 3D Mega Shine Lipgloss -101 CLEAR

$14.67 $20.95

Golden Rose 3D Mega Shine Lipgloss -101 CLEAR

$14.67 $20.95


Golden Rose 3D Mega Shine Lipgloss-101 CLEAR

Product Description:

Lip Gloss

Product Benefits:

It provides ease of application with its soft, light, ultra-shiny structure and specially designed applicator.

With its texture that does not leave a feeling of weight or stickiness, it can be applied in layers and helps make the lips look fuller by giving them an intensely shiny appearance.

It helps moisturize and nourish the lips with the Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E it contains.

With its rich color options, it allows you to have full, shiny and attractive lips.

It helps give your lips a bright, shiny look by applying them alone or over your matte lipsticks.

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