Caudalie Vinocrush Bronzing Powder

$55.97 $79.95

Caudalie Vinocrush Bronzing Powder

$55.97 $79.95


Caudalie Vinocrush Bronzing Powder

Product description:

Caudalie Vinocrush Bronzing Powder is a mineral powder that helps give the skin a natural and healthy tan.

It contributes to equalizing skin tone and providing a radiant appearance.

What It Does:

This bronzer powder helps give the skin a light and natural tan, highlights facial lines, equalizes skin tone, and contributes to a bright skin appearance.

Product Content:

Caudalie Vinocrush Bronzing Powder contains natural mineral pigments and Caudalie's patented antioxidant ingredients.

Its formula does not contain paraben, sulfate, or artificial colorants.

Product Usage:

Apply to clean and moisturized skin, over your contours to help highlight your facial lines, or to sun-exposed areas of your face for a bronze effect.

Distribute lightly with a brush or sponge.

Product Benefits:

It helps to provide a natural and healthy tan, equalize skin tone and give a radiant appearance.

It contributes to clarifying facial lines and creating a contour effect.

Helps moisturize and nourish the skin.

Product Features:

Contains mineral pigments and contributes to providing a color compatible with the skin.

It helps provide a natural look with its light and thin formula.

It helps to be easily absorbed by the skin.

Does not contain paraben, sulfate and artificial colorants.

Suitable for all skin types.

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