Alterra Compact Powder No:01 Light 10 g

$19.57 $27.95

Alterra Compact Powder No:01 Light 10 g

$19.57 $27.95


• With organic jojoba oil and pomegranate seed extract It offers a natural and flawless look with Alterra Kopmakt Powder.

• Alterra, where superior German quality comes to life The powder developed by , with its easy-to-apply feature, It attracts attention.

• Alterra Kopmakt Powder presented with is always The first choice of those who want to have a healthy and vibrant skin appearance.

• By reducing the shine on the skin, the skin becomes more matte. It helps to achieve the appearance.

• By hiding wrinkles and blemishes, It provides a perfect image.

• It contains organic pomegranate seed extract and It gives a natural posture with jojoba oil.

• Alterra Kopmakt Powder reduces the appearance of pores. It reduces skin texture and makes the skin texture much smoother.

• Skin compatibility tested under dermatological control has been approved.


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